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FMod Demo – Mech Sound effects

October 31, 2012

This is a video showing some sound design in the audio middleware software FMod. All sounds were produced by me in Logic Studio.


MorpHex + Portal Turret Voice

October 31, 2012

When I saw the video of the MorpHex robot rolling around, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the cute little turrets in Portal. The voices made me do this…

This is a re-cut of the original video, with voice clips from Portal 2, as well as some home-made foley sounds.

Original video can be seen here.

ExPlay Game Jam 2012

October 7, 2012

I had a great weekend at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre in London, attending the ExPlay 24-hour Game Jam. Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way quickly; we weren’t allowed to stay there overnight. Ok, done. Moving onto the good stuff…

It was a really nice space to work in, and having all the other teams really close to each other made it much easier for me, as I was doing what I usually do at game jams; offering sound and music services to as many teams as possible!


Back when I wrote music for me…

October 5, 2012

I’ve just unearthed a load of MIDI files from around 8 or 9 years ago. These are all songs I wrote with Guitar Pro, some of them are only a few seconds long, just a fleeting idea I had and threw it into the tab so I didn’t forget it.


WWise Interactive Music Demo

October 4, 2012

This is a video showing an example of some interactive music scripted in WWise. This video features basic playback, as well as sequencing and state changes.

All the music segments were created by me in Logic Studio.

Sound Design Replacement – Sing for Absolution

October 4, 2012

For some sound design practice I removed all the music from Muse’s video for “Sing For Absolution” and replaced it with a full track of sound effects and dialogue. I’m very keen on the notion of silent space, so filling that void with dialogue was a challenge.

Special thanks to Tariq, Pete, Claire, and Rachel for lending their voices to this project!

Bestival 2012: Beyond amazing…

September 12, 2012

I can say without hesitation that my long weekend at Bestival was one of the most amazing times in my life. My thanks go to the people I went with, the strangers we encountered, all the performers, and everyone involved with the organising and running of this insane festival. I think I got about two nights worth of sleep across all four nights, and we did so much I can barely remember it all. I won’t spend a long time on any particular event, as this would go on forever, but here are my highlights in chronological order:


Gliding: First experience

May 13, 2012

Yesterday I had my first experience of Gliding. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was going to be like, but it simply blew my mind.

And because I’ve never been good at “simple”, I’m now going to talk through how our day went.


A Stranger Returns

April 27, 2012

I recently joined a team as “sound guy” for the Sci-Fi-London 48 Hour Film Challenge, and this video is the result. Enjoy!

It was a really fun weekend, eating military rations (better than they sound) and being locked in a house near Heathrow making music, while everyone else went to Southampton to film down a bunker. (more…)

Total Redub

March 28, 2012

When seeing this trailer for a trailer posted on B3ta, someone said the soundtrack was like all the other bloody soundtracks on hollywood trailers these days…so I had a quick go at an alternative version.