All This Violence

All those violent memories
When there was nothing that could stop me
With friends right there with me
Ripping and tearing until it was done
I could chainsaw through room after room of demons
I could incinerate every monster in my way
I could headshot any foe that dared oppose me
And my fists could finish the job
I could do anything
I was powerful


All those violent memories
When there was nothing I could do
Isolated and alone
Wilting and crying until they were gone
Trapped in a room by demons I couldn’t chainsaw
Cornered by monsters I couldn’t incinerate
Beaten and bruised by a foe I couldn’t headshot
I couldn’t even hit her back
I couldn’t do anything
I was powerless


All these violent stories
Is there nothing we can do?
We’re just finding something to blame
Sitting and waiting until they open fire
Are they trapped with their demons?
Are they cornered by their monsters?
Are their foes right there in their home?
Forget fists, we have eyes and ears
We can do something
With any power we have

After hearing people yet again blaming violent games for school shootings, I had to write something.

I grew up playing the most violent games I could find, but in the most violent days of my life I could never even fight back. I couldn’t bring myself to use violence to defend myself when I needed it.

This is not where violence comes from. Stop looking for scapegoats and start looking after the people around you, because this is ONLY about people.