The Serpent’s Lair

Many speak of the Serpents Lair
But none have ever returned from there
Envious rumours and beguiling talk
Of tent and stage being five minutes walk

They say the night brings a calming hush
And the toilets have a working flush
Cryptic tales of steamy showers
And silent discos to the early hours

In a private bar, stocked full with ale
From stout to fruity, dark to pale
And passing rockstars often surprise
(Was that the singer from Countless Skies?)

To reach Bloodstock I travelled far
But walked only minutes from my car
And now I speak of the Serpents Lair
And I will never return from there

This started out as a  Facebook comment on a Bloodstock Forum post about their VIP camping (aka the Serpent’s Lair). Sometimes you get an idea and just have to run with it…