You Brought That War Back Home With You

You brought that war back home with you
The pain still hiding within your wounds
A blood-soaked sponge inside your skull
Your brain still reeling from horrors untold
A dark stowaway lurking within

And now that war is in your home
The bullets leak out of your hands and mouth
The blood sprays on your wife and kids
A dark red stain on your bedroom floor
And your bloodied eyes hiding it all

Your children cry but you just hear
The screaming echoes of wounded friends
Your memories have you under siege so
The hatch stays closed and the armour strapped
And you bury your pain in your heart

You went out there to save more lives
But you’re forgetting to save yourself
Your armour needs removing now
You need to open the hatch and see
All those fires inside of your wounds

Let someone help you clean your wounds
And wring that blood from inside your brain
And guide your pain from out your heart
Then you can finally come back home
Without getting fresh blood on the rug