The Pink Cafetiere

A couple of days ago I knocked my glass cafetiere into the sink. Smash. Dead.

Today I went shopping for a replacement, first shunning the fully-metallic models in Sainsbury’s (why would you buy a non-transparent cafetiere?) and then picking up the first one I saw in TX Maxx. Right size, transparent, not too expensive. Done. I don’t bother getting a bag to carry it back, the handle will do fine (the turtles can thank me later).

Walking back from town I meet a couple of my friends, and feel the need to explain why I’m just randomly walking around town with a cafetiere. One of my friends, who is aware of my colour blindness, then asks the interesting question:

“Do you know that it’s pink?”

Wait…it is?

Normal Vision / Deuteranopia


I don’t think my friend would have brought up the colour if it were anything but pink; the colour that recent tradition does not stereotypically associate with men (to clarify, I am cis-male). Honestly, it doesn’t bother me, as I’m not threatened by themes of femininity, and I buy it for its function. But, within the stereotype, this colour sends a message; one that I was completely unaware of.

It’s odd how there can be a message sent by a possession of mine that, because of my colour blindness, I don’t get to choose. I often worry about this when it comes to choosing clothes; I worry about rules and connotations that might exist within colour combinations. It’s like a language I can’t hear or speak. I sometimes bring a friend along when I buy clothes just so I know they won’t clash. I don’t mind being rebellious and outrageous, but I’d rather be doing it deliberately. Most of the time I prefer to wear clothes that are completely unremarkable, but it takes a surprising amount of caution to achieve.

I know I’m not immune to stereotypes, and would I have still bought the cafetiere if I’d known it was pink? I’m not sure, but I think I would have still bought it, for these reasons:

  1. It does the job.
  2. It was the only colour they had (I think).
  3. We have an 8 hour Gloomhaven session tomorrow and I’m going to bloody need it.

Images processed using the Coblis Colour Blindness Simulator